The Hawks Landing Swim and Dive Team is a great way to draw together kids of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities to represent one thing – pride in our team and pool.

The kids that belong to our pool attend many different schools during the year, but in summer, they come together as one community and one team. The team belongs to the All-City Swim and Dive league and competitions take place on weekends at our own pool and league pools throughout the city.

Competition with other teams is designed to reinforce instruction and provide opportunities for positive character development and FUN!

Our coaches not only teach kids how to compete against other teams but also how pushing themselves to better their own times and scores brings confidence, self-esteem and a strong foundation for future success. Participation is the key goal for the program. Hawks Landing's Swim and Dive Team, (HLS&DT) plans activities that stress togetherness and team spirit.

Our older, younger, faster and slower swimmers all work together to achieve team success. HLS&DT measures a swimmer's or diver's success in personal growth and improvement as opposed to whether someone wins a race. Winning is great, but we stress that anyone who improves wins!

To compete in the Hawks Landing team program, a child must be a current paying member of the Hawks Landing Pool and paid/registered member of the swim team (a separate nominal fee). A minimum skill level for swim team participation is one length each of a front crawl and backstroke.

For dive team, the requirement is a standing front dive and treading water for 30 seconds.

A great opportunity for parents to get involved!

For the meets we host to be competitive, fun and efficient, we need team parents to volunteer. Most volunteer positions are "no experience required" – you simply need a willingness to participate and help the athletes have the best experience possible.

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